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Seaweed-fed lamb

The Bergeries du Margot flock includes 725 breeding ewes. There are many reasons why our lamb is distinctive:

  • Seaweed (Fucus sp.) is added to the daily feed of our lambs;
  • Their basic diet is composed of fodder and grains sourced in the region;
  • The feed contains no hormones, antibiotics or meat-and-bone meal;
  • The animals are reared and handled humanely; and
  • Only the best animals are processed.

It takes 70 to 80 days to feed and finish seaweed-fed lambs. The meat is then aged for 7 days in the cold store.
This way of doing things produces superior quality lamb, prized for its tenderness, marbling and uniformity in the conformation and weight of the resulting carcasses and cuts.
The animals are reared according to strict specifications that precisely define how much light, ventilation and space the flock needs to be comfortable. Our company is certified by an independent monitoring agency.