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The farm produces its own fodder and oats. The silage and trefoil are baled round although in a few fields the small rectangular bales are still being made. Corn silage was tested in 2004 and then abandoned because harvesting three types of fodder made field management too complicated. The feeding regime also includes a protein supplement, vitamins and minerals. Feeding trials using potatoes supplied by regional producers was also attempted before learning that the potato contains a natural ovulation suppressor. Out with the potatoes!

The central aisle of the new building (dome) is 12 feet wide so a tractor can be used with a shredder to distribute the silage, saving both valuable time and money.

Corn silage is being introduced again in 2014, now that new seed more suitable to the Gaspé Peninsula climate has become available. A new building is being put up and will house a special lambing section and a new nursery with an automatic nursing machine for the extra lambs.