Seaweed Fed Lamb

The Seaweed Fed Lamb offers you a unique taste experience. Proud ambassador of the Gaspé Peninsula, our meat offers you a harmonious blend combining the flavoors of the land and the sea.

Quality food
Our lambs are fed with Quebec grains and forage grown on the farm. Dried seaweeds are added to the grain mixture fed to lambs. All the feed provided to our lambs is of the highest quality to produce the best meat on the market.

Our certified methods
We are able to provide a high quality product thanks to very detailed specifications (link to certified methods). The feeding standards, brightness, ventilation and space required for the comfort of the herd are precisely defined. Every year, an Ecocert inspector (link to Ecocert) comes and assess our compliance to these standards, which are the basis of our product.

A uniform product
The uniformity of the carcasses and the quality of the meat allow us to offer the same good taste to each of your bites. In fact, our specifications regulates the conformation of lambs to these rigorous standards and allow us to offer a uniform product that meets the highest expectations.

A different meat
Evaluations carried out by the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food (MAPAQ) have made it possible to demonstrate that these farming techniques specific to our company offer you a delicious meat, well marbleized and a distinctive, yet delicate aromas.

Antibiotic and GMO-free
All Seaweed Fed Lambs are certified to be without antibiotics and without genetically modified organisms (GMOs). It is important to note that in addition to Seaweed Fed Lambs, farms are raising lambs for the conventional market. From birth, our lambs are classified between Seaweed Fed Lambs and conventional lambs, according to the certification criteria of our specifications. Throughout its life, a Seaweed Fed Lamb certification can be revoked if it no longer meets all the criteria. As an example, if a lamb is sick, it will receive antibiotics as required, but from that moment on it can no longer be certified as Seaweed Fed Lamb. This meticulous management allows us to send only our best animals to the market of Seaweed Fed Lamb.

Support the local economy
In addition to consuming quality meat, you allow local producers to make a better living from their trade. Buying Seaweed Fed Lamb, you are sure to encourage a producer of certified Seaweed Fed Lamb, while supporting the local economy.

The Seaweed Fed Lamb is not just a tasty meat; it is an extraordinary sensory experience. Not only getting a product that is respectful of the animal and to encourage local producers, you catch a little bit of the very essence of the Gaspé Peninsula in every piece. Each morsel, tender, marbled and tasty, offers you a culinary journey to our part of the country. An eco-friendly choice and a succulent 100% Quebec product.