Why Seaweeds?

Our rigorous specifications, developed with government institutions, allow us to ensure the quality of our lambs. Among the methods that we use, we find a natural diet, enhanced with algae to ensure a unique taste, to be tried at all costs.

We can assure you that our lamb is a superior product, thanks to demanding specifications. It is the specifications that precisely defines the standards of feed, light, air, and space required for the comfort of the herd. Every year, an Ecocert inspector ensures our compliance with these standards, which are the foundations of our product.

Seaweed fed lamb offers you a unique taste experience. Carrying the Gaspé identity, our meat offers you a harmonious blend combining the flavors of the land and the sea. It is also fed with grains from Quebec and forages grown on the farm. Dried seaweed is added to the grain mixture of the lambs. All the feed that is fed to our lambs is of the highest quality to produce the best meat on the market.

In addition to being sure to get an animal-friendly product and encouraging producers here, you catch a little bit of the very essence of the Gaspé in every piece. Each cut, tender, marbled and tasty, offers you a culinary journey to our part of the country. An eco-responsible choice and a succulent 100% Quebec product.

 The uniformity of the carcasses and the quality of the meat makes it possible to offer the same good taste in each of your bites. Indeed, our specifications also regulate the conformation of lambs to algae. These rigorous standards help deliver a consistent product that meets higher expectations.

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