Certified methods

Seaweed Fed lamb is a “controlled reference”, certified by Ecocert Canada.  Ecocert authorities carries out inspections at the various production sites, including twice-yearly visits, to ensure compliance with the detailed specifications for our product. This certification guarantees that our lamb is characterized by its Gaspé Peninsula and Bas-St-Laurent origin, and the addition of seaweeds to the feed provided. It is also characterized by a diet based on non-GMO grains and forages produced in a maritime climate, free of hormone or antibiotic and without animal meal. Principles of animal husbandry and animal welfare are considered as well as the quality of the lambs selected as per the specifications.

To obtain and maintain their certification, breeders must comply with very strict specifications that cover the criterias below:

  1. Lambs’ breed and place of birth
  2. Animal feed based on cereals, fodder and, of course, seaweed;
  3. Livestock control including the identification of each lamb and the maintenance of a breeding register;
  4. Environment, such as barn’s temperature humidity and bedding;
  5. Installation of enclosures to ensure enough space for the comfort of the lambs;
  6. Animal health that prohibits the use of antibiotic treatments;
  7. Animal reproduction, natural reproduction being the preferred method;
  8. Handling to avoid injuries;
  9. Transportation standards to avoid crowding and causing unnecessary stress;
  10. Slaughter standards involving the prior protection of animals.

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